Beaconly Commitment to GDPR

Data Privacy Assured and Unfailing

With an aim to bring into sync in the data privacy laws and regulations across the European Union the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been formulated which replaces the existing Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. It gives direction to the various enterprises and companies with regards to handling of the data, thus enabling all the EU citizens to guard the privacy of data.

The regulation got effective from 25th May 2018 and has been put into place to help the EU residents to protect their fundamental right to privacy. The law enforces rules around how the personal data of the citizen and visitors are collected, stored and managed in a lawfully accepted manner. The law applies to all organisation in the EU or associated with the EU providing services and products to the EU citizens that collect and process their data. This law give control to the citizens on how their personal data can be used.

Commitment Statement from Beaconly

We firmly believe in building a relation with our customers that is honest, trustworthy, transparent and dependable. At Beaconly, we are committed to conform with the GDPR regulation from 25th May 2018. In conjecture with our stakeholders, we are exploring opportunities within our service offerings to make policies and procedures in line with GDPR compliances across various geographies thus providing reassurance around data privacy and security to strengthen and build a long-standing relation with our customers and partners.

GDPR Quick Facts

There has been numerous rounds of discussion and speculation around the law but here are pointers about what we have learnt and the actions we have taken to adhere to the law.

What Kind of Private Data Does GDPR Protect?

A variety of data that we really did not know was private enough will be protected by GDPR. This may include your name, address, other contact information, your health records, biometrics, political interest etc.

Data Protected by GDPR

infographic11What Enterprises Need to Implement GDPR?

Any organisation across the globe that collects and manages the personal information of the EU is mandated to comply with GDPR.

Enterprises Needing to Comply with GDPR

infographic2Our Approach

As a trusted software service provider, it is our responsibility to ensure the security of your private data. So, our processes tightly align with the GDPR regulation. Integrity being our core value & corporate philosophy we commit to do what is right and centre our processes and engagements around this approach.

Our policies have been directed to help you understand your privacy right in methodical way towards our efforts to maintain the compliance with the GDPR regulation. We precisely understand the core aspects of securing personal data through security, confidentiality, privacy and availability of data. Therefore, we constantly revise our processes and systems to help us serve our customers with utmost trust and confidence.

Our Goals

Our goals are primarily focused on integrating the critical components to make our systems more robust in terms of customer data management practises.

infographic3Our GDPR Framework

We have created a framework around GDPR that encompasses the regulation thus helping our customers be confident in terms of the privacy and security of their data. The framework helps to reduce the risk factor and monitors for incidents.

  • Analysis
    • Our team of experts conducts a thorough GDPR privacy assessment that envelopes people, processes, data, governance and security to help develop the roadmap.
  • Remodeling
    • Remodel our processes and develop procedures, tools and conduct training to imbibe GDPR thoroughly in our work.
  • Monitoring
    • Continual reporting and monitoring via auditing, assessing and evaluation.
  • Design
    • Chart out an implementation plan to make sure each area of the business complies with GDPR compliant standards.
  • Operations Monitoring
    • Monitoring and redesigning the processes even within the business across the various departments to ensure permission and data rights adhere in accordance with the regulations.

The GDPR Processes at Beaconly

Beaconly follows a practical process to integrate GDPR

  • Evaluate
    • Identifying personal data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the data subject
    • Conducting GDPR awareness training
    • Analyze risk & requirement of new controls by conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Transform
    • Address applicable rights of data subjects by adapting to consent management techniques
    • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) subject to periodic review
    • Reconfirm the privacy & protection of data by making the relevant changes
    • Updates to privacy policy with the PIA as a baseline
  • Release
    • Present our GDPR framework and revise our agreements with the client based on GDPR compliance
  • Agility in Implementation
    • Regular review of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
    • Enhancing security measures with PIA as a baseline
    • Regular training
    • GDPR framework subject to periodic review
    • Analyzing measurable objectives in a periodic manner

The Beaconly Assurance

The GDPR being a multifaceted regulation, we are extensively working to ensure that our services are inline with the regulation. The security of the clients and various other stakeholders are of utmost importance.

The GDPR Roadmap

  • A complete review of the impact of GDPR on the services we offer.
  • Strategies to address the areas impacted by GDPR
  • Creation of a proper repository for all personal information we handle
  • Revising our Privacy Policy
  • Have an Email Subcription Center
  • Changes to the necessary internal processes to align with the GDPR compliance
  • Revising our website to cater the regulation in terms of capturing and tracking of personal data
  • Updating our websites to be GDPR compliant in terms of the capturing and tracking of personal data
  • Thoroughly testing the changes to make sure it works according to the compliance
  • Communicating when the full compliance is met.

GDPR Awareness for You

infographic4Moving Ahead

Our commitment as far as the security, privacy and governance are concerned we empower our partners and customers by helping them to be on the right track on the path to GDPR governance.

The GDPR was effective since the 25th May 2018, we developed a comprehensive compliance framework for all the services and products. To make sure we provide GDPR complaint services to our customers, we have reviewed and enhanced all our offering. We also have developed approaches to ensure all our stakeholders are actively involved to be GDPR ready.

The data privacy and security being one of the aspects of our offering as well as business processes thus can become a part of the continual assurance of data privacy by design.

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